On 20th of January EUTM-S launched the Military Engineering Course at General Dhagabadan Training Camp in Mogadishu.

This four-week course will be attended by 24 Somali National Army (SNA) Officers and NCOs belonging to the 32nd Engineering Battalion and it is aimed to give them basic knowledge and skill on setting up defensive position, constructing obstacles for tactical maneuvers, basic knowledge of Improvised Explosive Device (IED), the tactics that are usually associated to their usage and possible indicators of an IED.

EUTM-S has been operating in Mogadishu since 2014 and it is now in its 5th Mandate as decided by the Council of the European Union. To date, as contribution to the development of the security in Somalia, more than 5500 SNA soldiers have been trained in several EUTM-S courses, including, 3 Infantry Unit Companies trained starting from the 4th Mandate.