Mogadishu, 27th September 2018, the 2nd Light Infantry Company course closing ceremony took place at “General Dhagabadan Training Centre” (GDTC), the training area where the EUTM-S trains Somali National Army companies and Somali instructors. Mission Force Commander BG Spreafico, the Training Team chief Col. Guerrero, BG Bile Ibrahim Adan, the Deputy CDF and representatives from the International Community attended the ceremony, that was composed by a final exercise and the awarding of certificates.

The Light Infantry Company was trained for 18 weeks by EUTM-S Training Team personnel and Somali instructors.  The course covered offensive and defensive operations, basic command and control, fighting in Built up Areas (FIBUA), counter IED (Improvised Explosive Device), check points, close protection, leadership, live firing, combat medical aid, Law of Armed conflict, human rights and gender.

During the exercise the company demonstrated enthusiastically its capability by conducting offensive, defensive operations, route clearance (counter IED), check point and MEDEVAC procedures.

During the awarding of certificates ceremony BG Matteo Spreafico and of the BG Bile Ibrahim Adan made speeches that stressed the high value of the training, the partnership between Somalia and the EU, and the capability conferred to SNA to contribute to providing peace and security for the Country.