On May 10th 2018, the closing ceremony for the 1st Light Infantry Company training was held at the General Dhagabadan Training Centre (GDTC) in Mogadishu.

Trained by the European Union Training Mission Somalia (EUTM-S), the 88 soldiers belonging to 1st Light Infantry Company of the Birjeh Battalion, showcased the abilities they have learnt during their 16-week training, marking another significant success on the way to building a new Somali National Army (SNA) which is integrated, accountable, able and sustainable.

The 1st Light Infantry Company training started on February 3rd, and the training was focused on building a SNA Company, based on three Platoons and one Headquarter, in accordance with the training syllabus made by EUTM-S and approved by SNA and other SSR actors.

The ceremony was led by EUTM–S Mission Force Commander BG Pietro Addis, SNA Chief of Defence Forces Major General Abdiweli Jama Hussein, GDTC Commander BG Saney, SNA Sector 12 Cmdr and among other international guests AMISOM representatives.

Today EUTM-S delivered to SNA another trained Company whose soldiers have shown throughout the course motivation, commitment and dedication to the take over the duty of SNA in this country – said Gen. Addis, EUTM-S Commander, adding that – for the first time during this course Somali trainers have cooperated with EUTM-S trainers and it is a new step towards a structured cooperation of Somali trainers into the training cycle”.