On March, 1st 2018, the Staff Training Course, led by European Union Training Mission (EUTM-S) was concluded with a Command Post Exercise that linked Sector 60 in Baidoa, Sector 12 in Mogadiscio and the Somali National Army (SNA) General Staff.

The exercise “Gashan”, the 1st Command Post Exercise in the SNA, was aimed to improve internal staff procedures and the relationship between the SNA GS and its subordinate HQ’s. The trainees set up the operational rooms in the Sectors and applied the procedures and tools learnt during the previous courses showing, as usual, high interest and willingness. In accordance with the exercise scenario, the trainees received from the SNA GS specific operational orders, planned military operations accordingly and delivered their orders to subordinate units, maintaining a constant flow of information to the higher HQ. The trainees were assisted during the exercise by EUTM-S Trainers and Advisors and by UK Officers, thus demonstrating a great coordination of the International Community

During the Distinguished Visitor Day, the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander, BG Pietro Addis together with the Deputy Commander of Defense Forces, BG Bile, the SNA GS Chief Operations, BG Mohamed Sheikh Madoobe among others military Authorities, visited the SNA GS Headquarters and the Sector 12, in Mogadishu, where they were briefed by the Somali personnel involved in the Exercise. The students, both during the courses and in the ultimate exercise phase, maintained their enthusiasm and interest for increasing their capabilities and knowledges in command and control, in planning and conducting of Staff activities.

EUTM-S continues to contribute in the Security Sector Reform of Somalia by providing daily Training and Advising fully compliant with the Mission Mandate and especially with the SNA requests and expectations.