On 17th February 2018 the closing ceremony of the 1st EUTM-S Military Engineering Course was held at the General Dhagabadan Training Camp in Mogadishu (GDTC).

All 24 Somali National Army (SNA) attendees, belonging to the 32nd Engineering Battalion, completed this four-week course successfully. They got the basic knowledge and skills on setting up defensive positions, constructing obstacles for tactical maneuvers, understanding Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and counter IED procedures.

The Chief of Engineer Department, BG Omar Jama, the GDTC Commander, BG Mohamed Mohamud Saney, the Commander of the 32nd Eng. Battalion, Col. Ahmed Shire Warsame, the DMFCDR of EUTM-S, Col. Richard Gray attended the event where the high value of the training was highlighted as well as the great commitment of the trainees; all of them have shown during the course high motivation and will to learn from the European trainers.

The delivery of such a training is fully compliant with the EUTM-S 5th mandate where the shift of training from individuals to units was the main change from the 4th one. The Somali military authorities requested another Eng. Course whose feasibility is currently assessed by EUTM-S.