On 7th February 2019 the closing ceremony of the 4th EUTM-S Combat Engineering Course was held at the General Dhagabadan Training Camp in Mogadishu (GDTC).

The project planning and development of the military combat engineering course package began in 2017, and the first course was successfully delivered to Somali National Army (SNA) trainees in January 2018. This success continues, and today EUTM-S has overseen the graduation of the fourth course, and the first for 2019.During the combat engineering training, EUTM-S delivers instruction and practical skills to SNA trainees on preparing functional defensive positions, building protected check-points, and anticipating the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat, including how to react to any IED incidents with the correct procedures to save lives.

Sixteen SNA trainees, who belong to the 32nd Engineer Battalion, successfully completed the four-week course. All trainees were enthusiastic and were keen to learn from the European Union trainers.

The SNAF Deputy CDF Support B.G. Bile Ibrahim Adan, the Commander General Dhagabadan Training Center B.G. Mohamed Mohamud Saney, the EUTM-S Force Commander Brigadier General Matteo SPREAFICO, with other representatives of SNA General Staff and AMISOM, the Commander 32nd Engineer Battalion Col. Ahmed Shire and the SNA J7 Head Lt Col. Mohamed Yaris Adan attended the event.

In his remarks, Brigadier General Matteo SPREAFICO, addressed the graduating trainees: “This course is of the utmost importance for the SNA. The Combat Engineering Course broadens the SNA’s multifunctional capability. As members of this Combat Engineer Platoon, you will be asked to contribute to future military operations, and other SNA soldiers will rely on you and on your professionalism. Make good use of all that you have learned during this course”.

EUTM-S conducts training, advising and mentoring activities to increase the capability and effectiveness of the SNA.

Mogadishu, 8th February 2019