Mogadishu, 15th February 2019 – European Union Training Mission-Somalia (EUTM-Somalia) personnel commemorated Serbia’s National Day, on 15th February at EUTM Somalia compound, inside the International Campus in Mogadishu.

On 15 February 1835, the Principality of Serbia adopted the first Constitution in the Balkan region. It established a Serbian Parliament, with a royal dynasty and abolished feudalism and serfdom

Serbia’s National Day is traditionally celebrated and acknowledged both in Serbia and in Serbian communities, military bases and embassies worldwide. This special day is usually commemorated with a parade involving military and public safety officers in Serbia.

Serbia contributes to EUTM-Somalia with one medical staff officer and Role 1 medical team. The Role 1 team work in close coordination with an Role 2’ team which is managed by a private company –International SOS. Together they provide a high standard of medical support for EUTM-S

EUTM Somalia is helping to strengthen the federal government and the defence and security institutions in Somalia, following a three-pillar approach: training, mentoring and advising.