Brigadier General Fulvio POLI takes over from his colleague Roberto VIGLIETTA in command of the European Union Training Mission in Somalia.

On 23 March 2023, the Transfer of Authority ceremony took place between Brigadier General Roberto VIGLIETTA  and Brigadier General Fulvio POLI .

The event, which took place at the International Campus in Mogadishu was presided by the Director General of the European Union Military Staff, Admiral Hervé Bléjean who sealed the transfer of responsibility between the two Generals from the Italian Army.

During his speech, the commander of EUTM-S expressed his satisfaction with the excellent work done by the women and men under his command, defining them primary actors of the excellent results achieved. He then concluded: “it was an honor to work by your side  I will never forget these incredible 13 months and will cherish the memories of Mogadishu and the work done for a better and safer Somalia”.