The 3rd Light Infantry Company course closing ceremony took place at General Daghadaban Training Centre (GDTC) on 07th April 2019.

The Somali National Army (SNA) Light Infantry Company was trained for 17 weeks by EUTM-S Training Team personnel. They were assisted by Somali instructors, who EUTM-S had previously trained on the recent 5th Train-the-Trainer Course. The use of Somali trainers is an important step towards realization of EUTM-S strategic goals, which seek to encourage and enable the SNA to conduct its own training independently. Throughout the course the Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Somali trainers, and also the SNA trainees, cooperated closely and worked together to achieve a successful result.

The training programme included offensive and defensive operations, basic command and control, fighting in Built up Areas (FIBUA), counter IED (Improvised Explosive Device), check points, close protection, leadership, live firing, combat first aid, Law of Armed Conflict, human rights and gender training.

The closing ceremony included a final demonstration exercise and the awarding of certificates. During this final exercise the company enthusiastically demonstrated its newly-gained skills.

In their addresses to the assembled dignitaries and trainees, the Ministry of Defense HE Hassan Ali Mohamed and the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander Brigadier General Spreafico stressed the partnership between Somalia and the EU, and the value of the training, which will contribute to the SNA’s efforts to develop capable, effective, disciplined and accountable forces to assume responsibility for the provision of peace and security in Somalia.

Military authorities from AMISOM, Somali National Army General Staff and the international community joined the ceremony in Mogadishu.

EUTM-S, committed to Somalia for over nine years now, conducts training, advising and mentoring activities to increase the capability and effectiveness of the SNA and other Somali Defence institutions.

Mogadishu, 08th April 2019.