Mogadishu – 16th September 2022. EUTM-S has conducted this Course for the benefit of the Junior Leaders of the SNAF – Somali National Armed Forces, in order to provide new trainers for the SOTS – Somali owned Training System. 

The course structured on several weeks of theoretical and practical exercises, has allowed at the attendees to be instructed on a wide array of capabilities concerning ground operations. All the skills developed it will boost the capability to plan, organize and conduct a proper training program to Somali personnel before operational deployments, in every Sector. In particular, the new trainers will enable the SNAF capability to evaluate the level of combat readiness and performance improvement of the trained personnel.

The closing ceremony was presided over for the first time by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Abdulfatah Kasim Mohamud; EUTM-S Mission Force Commander Brig. Gen. Roberto Viglietta, who in reference to the Somali trainers, highlighted: “their relentless effort, dedication and great contribution are elements that can greatly support the implementation of the Somali training system, which are the main goal for the future of Your Army”.