Mogadishu – 15th October 2022. EUTM-S fostered the: “Train the Trainers (TtT) Course on Teaching Techniques and use of digital tool for Somali National Armed Forces (SNAF) and MoD Trainers”.

The aim of the Course was to develop the teaching skills and capacity of the Minister of Defence and Somali National Army J9 – Civil Military Cooperation training teams. EUTM-S taught the attendees to be able to manage a whole course process, from the initial design of the training up to the final review of the outcome of the course. The attendees also learned how to use modern digital teaching tools and how to utilize them in their future courses. Here, a great opportunity arises, as the trainers are becoming familiar with using the constant evolution in the digital area are to constantly improving their performance in the didactical sector.

This course has significantly improved the capacity to develop a professional and structured way to plan, design and conduct training activities, by improving the efficiency of entire learning process.