Mogadishu – 12th October 2022. The Course and the CPX has been provided by EUTM-S for the personnel designated to work both in the Operations and in the Situations Rooms of the SNA Headquarters. 

The course and the CPX have been designed with the aim to provide advice, improve the ability of the SNAF and SNA to plan and conduct operations, and exercise Command and Control.

During the course, the advisers provided the trainees with the skills how to plan the operations process, the analysis of the security threats, the operating environment and related logistical aspects. They have also learned to organize the Ops Room Composition for functions and activities, to emanate the different kinds of orders to conduct military operations and on how to present the Brigade Operation Order.

The course ended with the conduction of a CPX, during which the Somali Officers enhanced their ability to plan and conduct operations. Finally, they discussed the lessons learned in order to improve their knowledge developed from the incidents and events injected from the advisors to stimulate the reaction of the team.