Mogadishu – 24th November 2022. The first members in the new reconnaissance organisation in the Somali National Armed Forces – SNAF have been graduated. 

The SNAF trainers, supported by the EUTM-S has trained the new specialists in the fundamentals of supporting the Commander’s decision by providing information on the opponent.
Col. Manuel José Martin Rico, EUTM-S Head of Training, summarized their impression: “The students have been very ambitious and interested and have made a record by an attendance rate of 98% during the course. The last week the students skills were tested when they deployed as teams in an integrated exercise”.
During the graduation, EUTM-S Deputy Mission Force Commander, Col. Jonas Nilsson addressed the course and appraised their performance: “I want to highlight, in particular, the job performed by the Somali National Army Trainers: Their relentless effort, their dedication and their great contribution are elements that pave the way for the implementation of the Somali Owned Training System”.
The honour graduate student as well as the best SNA trainer was awarded a special prize.