Mogadishu – 22nd October 2022. In recent days, EUTM-S has conducted a multi echelon exercise named “WADAJIR 2022”, that translated from the Somali language means “Together”. 

The activity, performed by the Somali National Army and facilitated by EUTM-S mentors and trainers, was the final exercise of courses: the Battalion Commander, the 13th Platoon Leader and Company Commander, and Counter – Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) for the 66th and 143th Battalion. It was the combination of a Command Post Exercise (CPX) and a Field Training Exercise (FTX), following a common scenario that involved all the attendees of the courses at their respective level of command.
Specifically the Somali Officers attending the Battalion Commander course planned and conducted a tactical operation in close coordination with the Platoon Leaders and Company Commanders attendees. Meanwhile, on the field during a simulated vehicle check-point, the C-IED course participant implemented all the Technical Tactical Procedures (TTPs) acquired.
That, has been the final addition of the studying of: offensive, defensive and delay operations; human rights; command and control; complementary combat training and C-IED TTPs. All combined with command posts, situations rooms management and exercises.
The level of the operational skills of the attendees at team, platoon, company and battalion level was appreciated also by the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Abdulfatah Kasim Mohamud; accompanied by the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander Brig. Gen. Roberto Viglietta, who intervened during the exercise and closing ceremony.
The sharing among trainees of the complexity of the operational environment and the promotion of the team/staff work, it is necessary to achieve success.