On October 2nd at the General Dhagabadan Training Center (GDTC), in the presence of the Somali Deputy Chief of Defence Forces for Support, General Bile Ibrahim Adan together with other military and civilian authorities, took place the opening training course ceremony in favour of 2nd Infantry Company of the Battalion “Flame” of the Somali National Army (SNA).

The course, which will last three months, aim at the training and operability, will lead to well-trained personnel of Somali Company, to be employed by the SNA in full respect of the commitment undertaken by the European Union for concurring at the development of Somali Army.

The intense training phase, led “on the ground” from EUTM-S Training Team, will employ 15 instructors coming from 7 different Countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland), whit the assistance from Federal Government of Somalia and AMISOM.

EUTM Somalia has been operating in Mogadishu since 2014, and is now in its 5th mandate as agreed by the Council of the European Union focusing on supporting the development of the SNA and of the Somali Ministry of Defence.

To this date, more than 5.500 soldiers have been trained, contributing to the development of the security situation in Somalia.

Mogadishu, October 4th 2017