Today, in Villa Gashandiga, location of both the Somali Ministry of Defence and the Somali National Army (SNA) Headquarters, Col. Sergio Marrone, Chief of the Advisory team of EUTM-S together with B.G. Hassan Nur, J7 Department Chief of the SNA-GS opened the third Staff Training Course, which will be developed by EUTM-S Officers, belonging to Advisory and Training Teams. This activity, designed for the Somali Senior Officers, follows two previous ones as part of a four-course programme, which will last over 6 months and aims at training 36 SNA Officers through mentoring and coaching.

The course programme will focus on staff training and procedures, to increase the operating capability and interoperability among Sectors and Army Headquarters and overall among the different branches of the HQ’s.

The EUTM-S continues its commitment for enhancing the capability of Somalia’s security Institutions through a coherent and comprehensive approach to advising and training of the SNA personnel.