Mogadishu – 2 of November 2023.

On November 2, 2023, the Common Security Defence Policy (CSDP) service medal award ceremony was held inside the International campus.
At the ceremony took part, among others, the Deputy HoM of EUCAP, Fabian Lowemberg, the Deputy Cdr of ATMIS, Maj.Gen. Peter Muteti, the UK Military Attachè, Col. James Edwards,  the Italian Military Attachè, Navy Capt. Mario De Rosa, and representatives from some of the missions operating in Mogadishu, TANGHAM, TURKSOM, MAG-S and UNOPS.
In his speech, Gen. Fulvio Poli, after thanking the guests, recalled the moral value represented by the medal: every decoration is not just metal and fabric, but a part of the person who deserved it. Gen. Poli also guaranteed the unconditional commitment of EUTM-S to support the training of the Somali Security Forces and to ensure that they can operate autonomously.
The most significant moment of the ceremony was the awarding of the medals: EUTM-Somalia Mission Force Commander, General Poli, his Deputy, Col. Karlquist and the Chief of Staff, Col. Gonzalez Segura, pinned the CSDP medal for service in EUTM on the chest of 30 colleagues from Italy, Spain, Romania and Finland.
Before closing the ceremony, Gen. Poli and Gen. Muteti together, awarded 3 Ugandan officers serving in ATMIS, with the CSDP service medal.
The Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Service Medal is an international military decoration awarded to individuals, both military and civilian, who have served in a CSDP mission such as the European Union Training Mission in Somalia. The medal’s obverse includes a circle of twelve five-pointed stars around the outside edge. The reverse contains the Latin phrase, ‘Pro Pace Unum’, meaning ‘United for Peace’. A small metal plaque, attached to the blue-yellow-blue ribbon, shows the name of the mission.