Mogadishu 11th August 2020 –  This morning Brigadier General Fabiano ZINZONE, on his second day in command of the EUTM-S mission, wanted to visit the “General Dhagabadan Training Center” in Mogadishu where most of the activities that contribute to the development of the security sector in Somalia take place.

After being received by Brigadier General Mohamed Mohamud SANEY and his staff, who wanted to thank him for the valuable results achieved so far in a sector that is of particular importance for their country, the Commander of EUTM-S wanted to personally meet the students who at the time of the visit were engaged in the attendance of theoretical lessons in the classrooms of the Training Center: “when I was attending the Military Academy I had the honor of living and studying with some students from this country. Today, I find myself here, once again, with the task of making an important contribution in the construction and strengthening of the security sector in Somalia, to increase the protection capacity for the civilian population”; words that aroused great enthusiasm on the part of the young recruits but also on the part of their “elderly” Commanders.

From April 2015, with the 4th mandate of the mission, while maintaining the training capabilities of the security forces, the mission will increasingly focus on the component linked to mentoring and building one’s own long-term capabilities within the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and the Somali General Staff. This work includes all functional areas from personnel, logistics, administration and legal affairs.