Mogadishu 18th August 2020 – The meeting between the Commander of the Somali Armed Forces, General Odowaa Yusuf Rage, and the Commander of EUTM-S, Brigadier General Zinzone, allowed to deepen, under every aspect, issues on training and “force building” of the Somali Armed Forces.

Many important details were discussed about all the activities in favour of the security of the Somali population at the meeting between Gen. Odowaa Yusuf Rage, Commander of the Somali Armed Forces, and Gen. B. Zinzone, Commander of EUTM-S.

General Odowaa YUSUF RAGE, who took over the command of the Somali Armed Forces a year ago, received the visit of the Commander of EUTM-S, Brigadier General Fabiano Zinzone, who in these first days in Mogadishu is completing the presentation meetings with the main local authorities.

The highest local military office, which for the occasion received its guest together with its staff, spoke at length about the characteristics that a soldier should possess especially when he is operating in a particularly adverse and complex environment such as that of Somalia. This is the reason why the “training” component that characterizes the main task of the European Union Mission aimed at creating local Security Forces with a high degree of professionalism, was the main subject of the conversation between the two Commanders.

There was no shortage of thanks for the work done so far, work that the EUTM-S Commander is making ever more consistent with the actual needs of the Somali people to perceive a more stable and safe environment.

While maintaining the training capabilities of the security forces, the mission began to focus more on the mentoring component with particular attention to building its own capabilities within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Somali General Staff.