The 2nd “Flame” Infantry Company Course Closing Ceremony was held in “General Dhagabadan Training Centre” in Mogadishu on the 28th of December. The Somali Chief of Defence Forces, Maj General Abdiweli Jama Hussein, the Ministry of Defence Director General, Mr. Sonkor Jama Geyre, Generals from Somali National Army as well as other representatives from the International Community attended the Ceremony. The new 2nd FL coy finished successfully the fourth-month course and it is now ready to be employed by the SNA to contribute to providing peace and security for its Country.

The 2nd FL Coy was trained by EUTM-S Training Team personnel, belonging to seven Member States (ESP, FIN, GER, ITA, NED, PRT and SWE) and the main subjects taught during the course were offensive and defensive operations, basic command and control elements, fighting in Built up Areas (FIBUA), counter IED (Improvised Explosive Device), check points, live firing, human rights and Law of Armed conflict.

During the ceremony the 2nd FL Coy demonstrated enthusiastically their capability in the FIBUA area of the General Dhagabadan Training Centre, giving a clear idea that they are ready to fight for their Country; the delivery of certificates to the trainees, the speeches of the MFCDR BG Pietro Addis and of the CDF MG Abdiweli Jama Hussein during which they recalled the high value of the training and where the high importance of the European Union effort in Somalia was highlighted, concluded the ceremony  that culminated with the Somali Anthem sung by the 2nd FL Coy.