Somali Minister of Defence (MoD), Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman paid a visit to the European Union Training Mission Somalia (EUTM-S) Headquarters in Mogadishu on January 10th for the first time since his ministerial appointment in November 2017.

Welcomed by the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander, Brig. Gen. (ITA) Pietro Addis and the Chief of Staff, Col. (ESP) Salvador Puig-Terrero, the Minister praised the Mission for its long-lasting assistance for increasing the capability of Somali Armed Forces through the daily activities carried out by EUTM-S assets, on behalf of the European Union, such as the Training and the Advisory Teams.

During the visit, the Somali MoD and the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander exchanged on the situation regarding the deployment of the 2nd “Flame” Light Infantry Company, just graduated after a four-month Course led by EUTM-S trainers, and about the next training activity which will involve the 3rd “Flame” Company and the Military Engineering Course. In this setting, Minister Abdirahman, provided assurance of his commitment for supporting the Mission, in cooperation with the Armed Forces Commander.

EUTM-S maintains a close dialogue with the Ministry of Defence, supporting the civilian oversight as one of the most important key factor for success in the Security Sector Reform process in Somalia.