The European Unit Training Mission-Somalia (EUTM-S) Commander, Brigadier General Pietro Addis, visited on 21st Oct SNA Sector 12 Command in Mogadishu, meeting with the new Commander, Brigadier General Omar Deheere, who was appointed on 10th October.
In addition to renewing feelings of closeness to the recent attack, Gen. Addis illustrated the tasks and the mandate of EUTM-S, the activities carried out to support the SNA, possible future cooperation with Sector 12 in terms of training activities. Gen. Deheere has shown great interest, ensuring the utmost support for the initiatives that will be put in place.

The visit ended with the most sincere thanks made by Somali Commander for the role played by EUTM and the concrete support provided to the National Army and the Somali Authorities. Gen. Deheere concluded by defining the Mission as a serious and reliable interlocutor, with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate.

Mogadishu, 22nd October 2017