MOGADISHU – On Thursday 12 September took place, in the EUTM-S Headquarters, the visit of the Finnish Ambassador to Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Seychelles and Permanent Representative to UNEP and UN-HABITAT, Mr. Erik Lundberg, to the Finnish contingent deployed in Somalia as part of the operation.

Received by the Italian Commander, Brigadier General Antonello De Sio, the Finnish ambassador initially attended a presentation of the Mission and an illustration of the various activities conducted by the Advisor, Mentor and Trainers deployed in Somalia.

During the meeting the highest authority expressed words of great admiration and appreciation for the remarkable professionalism demonstrated by the Staff and all the personnel employed in the Mission, their dedication in fulfilling all the articulated commitments.

Brigadier General Antonello De Sio underlined the importance of the Mission and the presence of European Union in the Region, highlighting Finland’s role as an important contributing country and the outstanding performance assured by the entire Finnish Contingent.

The visit ended with the signature of the Honour Book