Mogadishu, 16th September 2020EUTM-S and UNSOS- FTS delivered the first INFOSEC awareness course to J2 and J6 Staff of the SNAF. This new course leads the way to a new professionalism of the young Officers and Warrant Officers.

Thanks to the unique EUTM-S – UNSOS – FTS joint effort, this morning at “Villa Baidoa” 12 military students successfully graduated after the course. Great interest and passionate appeal for more in depth courses came from our students. The positive commitment together with the interactions occurred during the course, have highlighted a proactive attitude that has to be exploited to enhance new skills and new knowledge.

The UNSOS (United Nations Support Office in Somalia) mission is to provide critical support to AMISOM, UNSOM and the Somali Federal Security Institutions, to make them more effective in defeating enemies of peace. EUTM-S (European Training Mission in Somalia) was launched in April 2010 with the purpose to contribute to the stabilisation of the security situation in Somalia in accordance with the 2008 Djibouti agreement.