Mogadishu, August 6, 2020 – The International Humanitarian Law (IHL) module of the 7th Platoon Company Commander (PCC) course has been concluded, this morning, at the General Dhagabadan Training Center 2 (GDTC-2).

The three days of IHL training module formed 43 Officers of the Somali National Army, in the ranks of Captain and Lieutenant that are attending the 7th PCC course, started on 12 July at GTDC-2. The lessons, for the first time, were carried out by guest military and legal experts from their offices in London and Nairobi through video lessons and using multimedia equipment with the supervision of the EUTM-Somalia Training Team from the Headquarters.

The activity was performed to provide theoretical and procedural preparation to the Staff regarding the humanitarian law. Among the subjects, the students learnt the basic of IHL, the law of armed conflict particular regarding the protection of medical mission and detainees, the assistance to civilian population, the conduct of hostilities and responsibility of commanders.

The closing ceremony was attended by the Head of the Training Team, Lieutenant Colonel Juan Carlos CARBONELL HERNANDEZ and the Training Leader Department, Major Massimo SCHIOZZI who followed on video tele-conference from the EUTM-S Headquarters the last lessons provided by guest lecturers.

EUTM Somalia Contingent, even in this period of global difficulty, has never stopped its activities continues to support the build-up of the Somali National Armed Forces through Advising, Training and Mentoring activities.