Mogadishu, July 9th 2020 – The Medal Parade of the European Union Training Mission Somalia (EUTM-S) personnel took place at the Mission Headquarters in the International Campus.

The ceremony started with the awarding of the EUTM-S and EUCAP Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Support Medal by the EU Ambassador to Somalia, H.E. BERLANGA MARTINEZ, respectively to the EUCAP Head of Mission, Mr. REYNOLDS and the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander, Brigadier General DE SIO.

Subsequently, Mr. REYNOLDS awarded with the EUCAP Support Medal LTC ZACARIAS and WO NOGALES, and the Italian, Finnish, Sweden and Spanish National Senior Representatives on behalf of others 8 EUTM-S members that returned to their countries, for the support granted in mentoring the Darwish Federal Police. Furthermore BG DE SIO awarded with the EUTM-S Support Medal the 1st Lieutenant RAE, Military Assistant of the US Director Military Coordination Cell.

In the second part of the ceremony the MFCdr, the Deputy MFCdr, Colonel BENGTSSON, the Chief of Staff, Colonel GARCÍA GARRIDO, the Italian SNR, Colonel ROLLO and the Italian NSE Commander, Lieutenant Colonel DETTORI, handed over the CSDP Service Medal to 47 members of EUTM-S.

At the ceremony, carried out in compliance with the regulations aimed at contrasting COVID-19, took part, among others, the US Ambassador to Somalia, H.E. YAMAMOTO and the Italian Ambassador, H.E. VECCHI.

During his speech, BG DE SIO highlighted the importance of the synergy between the military and civilian Missions, aspects that benefit the European Union’s Integrated Approach in Somalia. He also underlined the relentless work and the dedication of the personnel, essential factors to reach the objectives of EUTM-S.

EUTM Somalia Contingent, even in this period of global challenges, continues to support the build-up of the Somali National Armed Forces through advising, mentoring and training activities.