On March 19th, in Villa Gashandiga – headquarters of the Somali Ministry of Defence and Somali National Army General Staff – the EU Head of Delegation, Ambassador Veronique Lorenzo and EUTM-S Mission Force Commander, Brigadier General Pietro Addis, met with the Minister of Defence, Mohamed Mursal; the meeting allowed the EU Ambassador and the MFCDR to share with the Minister several issues that are characterizing the SSR in Somalia.

In this light, the meeting was focused on the new architecture of the SNAF and on the reorganization of Somali National Army Top Officers at Command level, with suitable skills to take leadership responsibilities. In addition, EUTM-S Mission Force Commander emphasized, once again, the vital role that a Somali-owned training system is ensuring in the framework of security transition. EUTM Somalia is offering a sustainable model and it is hoped that the Somali authorities will increasingly take control and ownership over the training of their soldiers, in full accordance with the ongoing transition process.

The EU, through its CSDP Missions and Operations, and the International Community are fully committed to support the Minister of Defence in Somalia in the SSR by strengthening and building up reliable and accountable armed forces able and willing to take over Security responsibility of its Country.