Still on the same side 206 years later!

On 22nd July here in Mogadishu I celebrated with my Portuguese and Spanish comrades because… 22nd July is Regimental day of The RIFLES, a British infantry regiment, and is celebrated across the world wherever members of the regiment are serving, I am proud to be a member of the regiment and Rifleman! And… on 22nd July 1812 a Portuguese and British and Spanish army under the Duke of Wellington jointly took part in the Battle of Salamanca.  The battle was the turning point of the Peninsular War and led to the surrender of Madrid in August 1812. 

Today in the EU Training Mission Somalia the allies of 206 years ago are still working together, this time developing and training the Somali National Army to be able to make their country safer and provide much needed security for the people of Somalia.

For the RIFLES, for our Nations, for EU and for Somalia  SWIFT AND BOLD!!