Mogadishu, July 14, 2020 – The “Explain” phase of the Situation Room Training course has been concluded, this morning, in Villa Baidoa in Mogadishu.

The course, that trained 23 between Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Somali National Army, started on 20 June in Villa Baidoa through video lessons and using multimedia equipment carried out by the EUTM-S Advisory Team.

The activity was performed to provide theoretical and procedural preparation to the Staff appointed to the Situation Room of the SNAF Headquarters. Among the subjects, the students learnt the Command and Control function, the organization of the Staff at headquarters and tactical unit level, the organization and the procedures carried out in an operations room. The course will proceed with others 3 phases: Demonstrate, Imitate and Practice.

The closing of this 1st phase was attended by the Head of the Advisory Team, Colonel Luca ROLLO, who followed on video tele-conference from the EUTM-S Headquarters the last lessons provided by the Advisory of C3I, Major Andrea CHECCUCCI.

EUTM Somalia Contingent, even in this period of global difficulty, has never stopped its activities continues to support the build-up of the Somali National Armed Forces through Advising, Training and Mentoring activities.