On 22nd February 2018, at the General Dhagabadan Training Centre (GDTC) in Mogadishu, the closing ceremony for 3rd “Train the Trainers” Course was held with the attendance of the GDTC Deputy Commander, Col. Mohamed Ibrahim Osman TIFOW and the EUTM-S Training Team Head, Col. Juan LOPEZ MARTIN. Eight Somali National Army (SNA) trainees finished the ten-week course successfully.

The “Train the Trainers” Course, aimed to teach to the trainees military subjects, as well as motivation, leadership, human rights and law of armed conflict signifies one of the most important course delivered to the SNA as it represents the first step in the path to set up a Somali Owned Training System.

The trainees, now trainers, are now able to come back to their original units to start training their fellow not only in the usual military subjects but overall in Human rights and law of armed conflict thus increasing SNA units accountability and reliability in front of Somali citizens.