Mogadishu, 20 February 2020 – The Director of the EU Military Planning and Conduct Capability, Lieutenant  General Esa PULKKINEN, paid a visit to the European contingent in Mogadishu from the 18th to the 20th of February, welcomed by the Mission Force Commander, Brigadier General Antonello DE SIO.

After a dedicated Office Call with the Mission Force Commander, the highest Officer met the key elements of the Headquarters, received a briefing containing the most relevant information about the Mandate of the Mission.

During the visit, Lt. Gen. PULKKINEN, accompanied by B. Gen. DE SIO, had the opportunity to meet several prominent stakeholders, who constantly collaborate with EUTM Somalia. Among them, the European Ambassador to Somalia, H.E. Nicolas Berlanga, the AMISOM Deputy Force Commander Ops and Plan, Lt. Gen. Nakibus James LAKARA, and the EUCAP-S Head of Mission, Mr. Chris Reynolds.

Lt. General PULKKINEN also had the chance to visit the General Dhagabadan Training Centre, where the soldiers of the Somali National Army are trained by the EUTM-S personnel, having also an Office Call with the Commander of the Centre, B. Gen. SANEY.

All the activities conducted have highlighted the strong cooperation in the Country, emphasizing how coordination and mutual understanding are adding value to the support provided by the International Community to the Somali Defence Institutions.

Before leaving, Lt. Gen. PULKKINEN signed the Honour Book of the Mission, praising all the EUTM Somalia personnel for their work in favour of the build-up of the Somali National Armed Forces and creating the condition of a more stable Nation.

The EU with Somali authorities and international key partners supports the Somalia for political change, improving security, development, assistance and humanitarian aid.