Mogadishu – 27th July 2022. The first Brigade/Battalion Course.

After a long period of learning, a conspicuous representation of Somali National Armed Forces Officers has completed the first SNAF Brigade/Battalion Course. For the first time, the Course has been carried out entirely by SNAF trainers, with EUTM-S trainers as mentors.

During the course, the instructors provided the students with the skills on how to plan and prepare for joint operations, on how to be effective leaders, on how to best use planning tools such as maps and procedures. The hope is that all the acquired in-depth knowledge on these topics, it will be a support to become better officers, leaders, and instructors.

Entirely planned, developed and conducted by SNAF, the course represents a historic moment. During the closing ceremony chaired by the Somali Chief of the Defence Forces, Gen. Odawaa; the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander Brig. Gen. Viglietta underlined: “We are seeing the first step of a Somali Owned Training System, and let us capitalize and move forward with more of these courses and projects”.