Mogadishu, 8th June 2022 – The MP (Military Police) TRAIN THE TRAINERS Course come to an end. 

During the course a MTT (Mobile Training Team) – EUTM-Somalia, has been able to create a new team of Somali MP trainers in order to give the acquired knowledge to the rest of the 37th MP Battalion. In five weeks, the Course participants have acquired MP definition: roles, principles, functions and activities; CQB (close quarter battle); arrest and restrain of suspects; traffic control and checkpoints; human rights; didactic; theories about learning; crime scene management. The only six of the starting trainees passed the course, showing the skills required to be a trainer, such as the ability to prepare an engaging lesson with adequate communication skills. During the closing ceremony, in the GDTC (General Dhagabadan Training Centre), has been performed the delivery of certificates to the students.