Mogadishu – 2nd September 2022. EUTM-S has concluded the “12th Course for Company Commander and/or Platoon Leader in favour of the Somali National Army – SNA”.

The course aimed to provide the necessary knowledge that allows the Somali Officers to act as junior commander, leading during real combat actions and in the activities needed before and after an operation. In particular they reached the knowledge to conduct the execution of wide range of operations by using procedures. In accordance with the force protection measures used to mitigate the adversary threat.

During the closing ceremony, as pointed out to the attendees by the Force Commander of the EUTM-S Mission, Brig. Gen. Roberto Viglietta: “Now another difficult challenge awaits you: leading soldiers! There is no fixed formula for this: you must apply good judgement in using your military knowledge to solve problems, cognisant that not always the same procedure will work: you will have to adapt.”

The junior commanders have executed like final complex practical exercise, the application of the lessons received, on the two of the most demanding operational environment: urban and trench warfare, giving proof of an impressive performance.