On November 13th and 14th, EUTM-S HQ received the visit of the Finnish Army Commander, Lieutenant General Petri HULKKO.

The Finnish high officer, was welcomed by the EUTM-S Mission Force Commander, Brigadier General Matteo SPREAFICO, who, after giving a welcome address in an office call, introduced the EUTM-S staff and provided an overview briefing of the Mission.

Subsequently, the 14th the Finnish delegation visited the General Dhagabadan Training Center, where Somali National Army units are trained by EUTM-S personnel since 2014 and where some EUTM-S trainers are Finnish military.

At the end of the visit, the two Commanders expressed their reciprocal pleasure for the visit, the clarifications exchanged visiting EUTM-S on the spot and sharing information by person.