The European Union Training Mission – Somalia (EUTM-S) was interested in the meetings held in Mogadishu with the Special Representative of the European Union, Dr. Annette WEBER and the Special Representative of the African Union Commission, Ambassador Mohammed El – Amina Souef.

Dr. WEBER and Ambassador SOUEF respectively commented on the achievements of the European Missions in terms of development, peace and security and the imminent start of the transition period at the end of which the Somali National Army will acquire full responsibility for security operations.

Dr. WEBER, during his visit to the Somali Army Training Centre, commented on the willingness of the European Union to better support the efforts of Somali institutions in gradually acquiring ownership of their own national security. In this context, EUTM-Somalia is oriented to increase advisoring, mentoring and training activities and focusing efforts on the implementation of the so called programs Somali Owned Training System (SOTS) and Train the Trainers (TtT).

The Commander of the EUTM-S, Brigadier General of the Italian Army Fulvio POLI, underlined the particular importance of having a solid military instrument capable of actively contributing to strengthening national security. Therefore, a carefully selection and training of the Officer cadre is an essential condition both at the higher commands and at the tactical level in order to effectively direct effort and to be able to prepare, plan and execute the activities.