Brigadier General Pietro Addis, EUTM-Somalia Mission Force Commander paid a visit to General Dhagabadan Training Centre (GDTC) on 24th of December, 2017.

The aim of the visit was to discuss matters of mutual interest with Brigadier General Mohamed Mohamud Saney, Commander of GDTC and Colonel Mohamed Hassan Buney Nor, GDTC Chief of Training with special attention to the upcoming Closing Ceremony of the training of the 2nd “Flame” Company of the Somali National Armed Forces (SNAF).

As the Commander of SNAF Sector 12 Command Brigadier General Omar Deheere joined the conversation some further topics were covered by the three Generals including planning of the training of the 3rd “Flame” Company that is to be started soon and which is one of the main projects for both SNAF and EUTM-S in 2018.

All parties agreed that EUTM-S is doing a very good job in providing the SNAF with training its soldiers in Somali in a way that GDTC can one day become the key training facility of the SNAF as well as helping them build their capabilities at both commanding and executive levels with its Training Team and Advisory Team.

At the end of the visit Brigadier General Pietro Addis expressed his sincere thanks to the cooperating Somali partners for their hard work and asked them to continue with the joined effort in building an independent and able SNAF that, at the end of the road, will train its soldiers, bring stability to and provide peace and security for its country on its own.